About Us

prayer to the lord with cross in hand

Faith in Lord is a journey to explore our inner faith.  The road to fill our hearts and soul with unconditional faith.  To do this we need to keep reminding our self of our faith.  Wearing our faith so we can visually see and touch it.  Also enhance other disbelievers to see the power of the faith.   We are always search and creating products that bring out the faith in us. 

Our mission here is to proud of what we wear "faith in style" while providing orphans a chance to meet the LORD and a future.

We are donating 10% of all profits to the https://www.godskids.org/donate to give orphans a chance to meet the lord and give them a future.  Please you can donate directly or get a product from us while doing so.   Help the kids in need to have a chance to meet the LORD.